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Coaches Couch: Being a Coach at CrossFit Ex Animo

The coaches at CrossFit subscribe to the idea that although Crossfit is the foundation of the principles we teach and the structure of our programming we remember that there is a wealth of knowledge out in the world and some very seasoned practitioners outside of the CrossFit community from who we can draw and implement our teachings.

CrossFit was the founded around the principles of taking the best at everything and applying to an athlete to ensure they were more rounded and proficient therefore improving their overall athletic ability. We apply the same to our coaching.

We need to ensure that although Crossfit is the foundation of this box, what will set us apart from all others is our dedication to the initial concept of CrossFit that is always open to new education and adoption of best practise and knowledge, and also, importantly the implementation of them.

We are not a 20 minute guide in Mens Health Magazine (with respect to the Mag), we strive to be the best in industry at providing practical coaching of exceptional knowledge in a way that everyone can understand. So to coach that sentence to you, We explain hard shit easy and implement.

Our job as a coach is simple, be knowledgable and patient and always creative in explanation. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing 100 times and expecting a different result the same applies for coaching.

If our athletes are not getting stronger, more skilled or even more motivated and we continually use the same approach then, I am afraid, we are insane. Coaches often approach coaching form the perspective of an athlete but this can no longer be the approach, you need to approach this as an expert and guide before clients. We teach and program in the best interest of developing our clients and not ourselves.

The sad reality is not all athletes make good coaches because they cannot stand outside themselves and pass on the lessons they have learnt. They approach from the self and not the selfless.

What is also important to note is that we can never have all the answers but we will find them. Standing in front of a student and lying and bullshitting out an answer is visable and short lived. We will be honest and use the opportunity to learn with our students. In a sport that evolves and adapts we will always be learning.

We find our coaching mentors and learn from them. They key is to figure out what makes them valuable and then creating our way of teaching it passionately from the heart.

My personal favourite is Charles Poliquin and his no nonsense simplistic dispensing of knowledge and his dedication to his craft. He is a constantly updating old school. There are others too but you gotta find your own.

We are confident in our ability to go forth and change lives. In the words of Bane..Now is not the time for fear, that comes later.

Coach out.

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