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Training Kids

Training your kids

“It’s a basic evolutionary truth that our bodies are meant to be used . Physical activity is not just an adjunct to a functioning brain, the awkward relic of a distant hunter-gatherer phase, but a necessary component of high performance and a fundamental source of lifelong happiness.”

– from The Globe and Mail (4/22/2016)

I am thankful to my parents for many things, but the decision they made to send me to gymnastics at age 4 is one that sticks out for me. My parents believing in training kids and helping me being active is the gift that continues to give.

Being active gave me years of Benefit !

It has been 20 years since I stopped doing gymnastics (yes I am that old), but I can still do the splits, walk on my hands and somersault on a trampoline. I have truly benefited from being active as a child. This why I think it’s so important for CrossFit Ex Animo to offer training kids classes for our little champs (our Ex Animinnies).

Childhood is an ideal window of opportunity to influence proper motor and movement skills and these will be carried into adulthood.

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Some of the most important skills and traits that a child will develop through physical activity are:

  • Confidence: noticing their own improvement and accomplishments leaves children with a smile and their heads held high.
  • Discipline: they will learn to follow instructions, participate in group activities and increase their attention span whilst having fun.
  • Improved performance at school: good muscle tone and an improved attention span will help children to sit comfortably in class and concentrate on what their teachers have to say.
  • Athletic performance: the obvious benefit is the physical one. Increased fitness, strength, co-ordination and agility will carry over into a wide variety of activites, including most of the sports played at school.


Our goal at Ex Animo is to make exercise fun for children. If children have fun they will rather spend time moving their bodies, than sitting in front of the TV or an iPad.

Our program includes elements of gymnastics, athletics, yoga and CrossFit and is suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 12. For more information on our kid’s classes please visit this linkJoy of Wall Balls









Bronwyn Hubbard

About the Author:

Bron Hubbard is a founder and coach at CrossFit Ex Animo in Craighall. She has represented at the highest levels in Gymnastics and continues to train and work on her athletic ability. She is an entrepreneur that dedicates her time to growing small businesses.


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