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November Mailer CrossFit Ex Animo

Its November already and the festive season is upon us, its been a year of great things for the gym and we look forward to making 2017 an even better place to train and improve your life 1 hour at a time. Without further adieu we present the festive mailer from CrossFit Ex Animo for the month of November.
Festive CrossFit doesn't mean you get fat.

Festive SANTA brings gifts and news

We have some exciting announcements to make. 

We started CrossFit Ex Animo just over 2 years ago and love the way the community is growing. Along the way we have built a solid team of coaches who share a passion for CrossFit and developing others. Bruce, Andrew, Kyle and Justin have allowed us to create a vision and we thank them for the massive contributions of time and knowledge they continually give whilst still holding down regular jobs.

Justin : Taking on Ex Animo full time

Justin : Taking on Ex Animo full time

 It is very exciting for us to tell you that Justin Landman is now a new business partner to Bron and Steve in the Ex Animo Box. This will bring Justin closer to his passion of sport, fitness and the development of human potential. We are happy to have Justin and look forward to the insight he will bring as we look to improve our box in the year to come.
Festive Season Celebration
We will be winding down the year with a pizza and some drinks at Possums and you are all invited. Please join us for a hard earned beer and social gathering.
When: 25th November 2016
Time: 18H15 straight after the Friday class.
Who: You and whoever has had to put up with your non stop CrossFit talk. They need the drink more than you.
We will be running on a reduced schedule over the December break. As Johannesburg slows the grind we will still be open for those of you not heading to restful pastures. Please keep an eye on the schedules online. You will still need to book for class.
Schedule alert:
01 Dec – 16th Dec : Normal Schedule
16th Dec – 9th Jan : Only 6am and 5:30pm classes
24th Dec : 12 days of Christmas WOD (Wear a Santa Hat)
25th Dec – 03 Jan : Gym closed for festive break
If you were worried about picking up a waddle in your walk over the festive cake period, no need to woddy. We will be putting sessions up for those of you who cannot get to a box or would like a little more salt and sand included in your sessions.
Keep it Tidy:
Just a gentle reminder about CrossFit etiquette in the box. Cleaning is not only lifting.
Please ensure that you clean your workout area when you eventually find your lungs again. We have multiple classes running consecutively and we need to ensure that bars are put away, bars are cleaned from chalk with the wire brush, tape is picked up and elastics are taken down, so the next class in and the last coach of the day isn’t doing it for you.
This goes for all the workout rooms.
Happiest of Holidays:
Please enjoy the breaks if you are taking them. Come back fresh and ready for the new year. For those of you travelling, be safe, drive slower, rest often..its the only time you will hear me say that.

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