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CrossFit Ex Animo Kickstart Mailer

CrossFit Ex Animo January 2017 Mailer! 


Welcome back you Xanimals! It’s a super new year and we cannot wait to spend it with you in 2017. We wish you all the very best for this coming year ahead and may your biggest success of 2016 be the starting point of success for 2017.

As the gears start to turn, we wanted to open your mailbox with some news and updates as well as get the motivation levels up to where they need to be in order to ensure that you have a great year both in and out of the box.

Firstly to Andrew and Tanielle, with a soon to be arriving baby Hermie is going to be a mal one, we wish you luck on this epic lifetime adventure. You will always have a bigger family to lean on as you create this smaller one of your own.

Ok hang in there I am about to get deep! 

I did some interesting reading over this break and the one article I read was on “Leverage points and the places to intervene in a system”.

There are 12 leverage points to change a system and the each have a priority or hierarchy. The lowest priority to change a system was the input of numbers and parameters and the number one leverage point to change a system is the power to think outside of your environment and change your mindset or the mindset of others.

The second most effective place to change a system is the mindset or paradigm of the systems current state, the third most effective place to change a system is the goal you set. You read that right, its not even the most important thing but still very important.

So a long story short and an effective way to think is, set your goals when you are in the right mindset, changing the amount of hours you train and calorie counting have the lowest effect (although important) on your system of weight loss and fitness.

So ponder this for a moment, having a goal might not be the best goal if you are not in the right mindset.

Now that you are rested and de-stressed from your break, you are in the perfect mindset to create your goals for 2017 and achieve them. Oh by the way tracking and feedback are the 5th and 6th most important aspects to change a system. This is from a person who has a PHD in systems and designed global systems for NATO.


2017 Schedule adjustments 

 As a box we have been looking long and hard at great ways to create and inclusive environment for both elite athletes and competitors as well as a lifestyle athletes. As we move into our third year, one aspect we will adjust is our schedules. From January the 9th the following changes to the schedule will be in effect.

Wednesday 18H30 : RX Session. 

This session is for RX WODS only and will be led, and not coached by Bruce and Kyle. This session requires that you are competent on most movements and can move considerable weight at RX or close to RX. To reiterate this is a led session and not coached.

Kyle and Bruce will be participating in this session. You need to arrive at 18h30 and be warm and ready to go by 18H45. WOD will be on the board. 3, 2, 1 and go.

Bring your A-Game

Bring your A-Game

Thursday 18H30 and Saturday 07H00: Beginner Class.

This class is designed to cover stretching , technical movements and a WOD section. Technical movements will cover the On Ramp structures to ensure beginners have a place to hone those lifting movements and mobility where they need it most.

If you have friends and family who are keen to kick it off with us, please get them to submit and enquiry @ or mail us and we will sign them up to either of these classes.

Kids Classes:

Congratulations to Margaux and Kirsty on passing their CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certifications. We are excited to be bringing them on to coach the kids sessions from January. CrossFit Ex Animinies will kick off on the 28th of January 2017. Welcome to the team ladies. CFJ-26

Thats all for now folks. As always please feel free to reach out to us with anything.



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