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5 of CrossFit’s unwritten rules, written down

As functioning humans in society, we know to behave in certain ways at certain times and in certain places. We know it’s not cool to giggle in church, we know it’s not cool to have a conversation (or a fart) in a crowded elevator. The CrossFit fraternity is packed full of many “unwritten rules” that many athletes, both new and experienced, might not be aware of. So, we’re bringing these to you now.



When we say respect, we mean respect for everyone at the box, coaches and members. We love having a laugh at the whiteboard, but something we need to consider when we’re having a laugh is, is our coach ok with this or is this preventing other athletes from hearing the WOD briefing? If you have any doubt, then just listen and wait until the end of the brief to ask questions or crack a joke. Respect also means you check your attitude at the door. Not that this is a problem in the Ex Animo community but if you feel like bringing Judy Attitudy, you can leave her right at the door. Another sign of respect is encouraging and cheering for the last athlete during a WOD. It’s a “CrossFit thing” to not pack away any of your equipment until the last athlete has completed their last rep, or when the timer goes off! Rather cheer for those that haven’t finished.



This is a good one. It’s good because its common sense. When you have used a kettle bell, put it back. When you have rubbed lots of chalk onto a barbell, give it a brush why don’t you? If you have left blood, sweat or any tears on any equipment or facilities, wipe it up. You got the equipment in good condition so make sure you leave it how you found it.



CrossFit equipment is not cheap. We want it to last so that all can benefit from it. One of the ways we make barbells last longer is to NOT DROP them on the floor when they are empty or have anything less than 15kg plates on them. When offloading weight plates from the barbells, please also do this mindfully. While we are talking about equipment, please remember to buy your own skipping rope. Especially before holidays so you can train while you’re away. Please order your rope at

and they will deliver it to the box. If one of our ropes breaks while you are using it, please give it to a coach to fix and don’t just hang it up with one handle on it. Consider other things like slamming the gate behind you when you walk in or spitting in the sink… Ask yourself, “what would my mom say” if I did this. Sure as can be, if you break or damage something, mom is going to make you buy another one, so if mom wouldn’t endorse the behaviour, don’t do it


Rule #4 BE NICE

Especially to newbies! We all have varying degrees of “newness” both to the sport of CrossFit as well as to Ex Animo and we all know what its like to be new. Try and make everyone feel welcome. Remember we are a community and from the definition above, we do share common interests and attitudes. When you see someone new, give them a smile and a hello. You never know, you could end up being asked on a date. Just don’t be creepy J. Also see Rule #1 above where we said leave Judy Attitudy at the door. If you’ve had a kak day at work, take it out on the workout and not the coach or a fellow athlete! It’ll all be better once you’ve had your WOD. Promise!



Everyone has got their own personal website log in – we need you to be booking for class. Sometimes space and equipment is limited so the coach needs to know if they need to improvise and make a plan if the session is looking pretty full. Please arrive at your booked classes as well. We hate being stood up.


There you have it, folks. Just a friendly reminder of some CrossFit etiquette. Remember, we are a community and these “rules” are to ensure that CrossFit Ex Animo is a cool place for us all to be! Ciao

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