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Year-end party, schedule and other important info

Year-end party, schedule and other important info

Well hello there Xanimals!!! Where has this year gone? Just the other day we were welcoming spring and now we’re here talking about Christmas parties. As usual, we’ve got a few CrossFit related items to make you all aware of! So go on, keep reading for important dates, new coach announcements and valuable info about our Festive Season CrossFit schedule. Speaking of valuable info, we have a whatsapp group and a lot of important info is on that group (as well as some jokes) please send Bronwyn a message if you would like to be added to the group.


First things first. The CrossMas party!! YAY! This is our year-end party and the date has been confirmed. Please mark 02 December 2017 off on your calendars! One of our members Derrick Kauffman has kindly agreed to open his home in Blairgowrie to us Ex Animals from 11 am on the day! Please bring your costumes, your own drinks and of course your own partners J RSVP by putting your name on the board by 21 November so that we can get the right size spit. The physical address will be on the board closer to the time.


We are very excited to announce that we’ve brought a new coach on board. Reghardt Prinsloo has joined us from CrossFit Rivonia and brings a wealth of technical knowledge, experience and mostly his passion for CrossFit to the table. Reghardt has been CrossFitting since 2007 and has been coaching since 2013. Reghardt is level 2 certified and plans on becoming level 3 certified in the near future. There’s only a handful of level 3 certified CrossFit coaches in the whole of South Africa, It’s kind of a big deal ya know. Please show him a warm Ex Animo style welcome when you see him and make sure you LISTEN to him.

Annual fee increases are here. Folks we have decided to only effect our annual fee increase as of January 2018. Because we care about you, the increase in your fee will be will be only R30.00 on all membership options. This means that the 9 session option will go from R860.00 to R890.00, the 13 session option will go from R960.00 to R990.00 and the unlimited option will now cost you R1200.00. The increase is needed to fund some more graffiti on our walls! JUST KIDDING! The money will go to replacing broken equipment and buying a few new things.

Before we talk about the holiday schedule, we wanted to quickly mention that the “Boet Session” has not been cancelled. It has been postponed to February 2018 so no need for any disappointment. As most of you know, silly season is fast approaching and as usual, we will be implementing a reduced class schedule for December and January. Classes will run as per the normal schedule until 16 December, thereafter we run a 6:00am class and 5:30pm class every week day (5pm Fridays). The reduced schedule will run until 7 January 2017. Also note – Ex Animo is closed from 25 December until 01 January. Please book for class to avoid any surprises. The New Year also brings with it some exciting changes, yep we are adding another beginners’ class to the schedule from January 2018. Day to be confirmed.

We wanted to finish off with a quick reminder of box etiquette. A lot of us are new to CrossFit and whilst we all have the common goal of getting fit and toning up our torsos, we need to remember that we are a community. As a community, we have an obligation to respect each other and our beautiful box so, as such, there are some “unwritten rules” that we’ve decided to ummm write down for you. Take a look and remember them next time you come sweat with us. We are proud to have you all as members of our box and we want to ensure that Ex Animo is an awesome and enjoyable place to be for everyone. After all, CrossFit is some of the most fun a person can have with their clothes on. Cheers guys,

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