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#EALockdownChallenge Handstand Push-ups

Are handstand push-ups your goat? If they are then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a series of progressions – created just for you.

If you’re already smashing out the handstand push-ups, why not just refresh your technique and start over from video 1? If you’re feeling super confident, then skip over to video 4 or 5 for the more advanced level of progressions. Whatever you do, take a video of your before and after, we want to see your improvements. 5


<Video 1  – Here we go back to beginning, iron out any bad habits and start with the basic body positioning. >>

<Video 2  – We take you out of your comfort zone by getting closer to the wall and spend more time upside down. No sagging here! >>

<Video 3 – Now let’s kick up against the wall, what’s the best arm position? Find out more here >>

<Video 4 – It’s time to practice now. Add a towel, a yoga block or a yoga mat and try lessening the support until you no longer need it >>

<Video 5 – Kipping things real here with our last progression video>>

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