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FAQ’s About The 2022 CrossFit Open

FAQ’s about the 2022 CrossFit Open

1. When can I do the workout – The workout gets released early Friday morning. We will do the workouts on Saturday morning, starting at 8.30 am after the 7:00 am class.

2. What if I cannot attend that time? Speak to a coach to arrange for Friday afternoon, Sunday or Monday.

3. Can we do the Open WOD during class times? Unfortunately not. Because of space and needing a judge, it is almost impossible to do it during class. So anytime outside of class time is permitted, provided you can arrange a judge.

4. What if I’m not that strong and will let my team down? – Your open score is for you and has nothing to do with the teams you are put into. Teams are for GEES and organising heats etc., on the day of the Open. There will be a team comp, and this will be for team spirit, participation, best dressed, judging heats etc

5. What if I cannot do the movements in the workout?. – There will be a scaled option so that everybody can participate and do the WOD.

6. Where do I submit my score? You will receive a piece of paper with your score; make sure the score is correct, then go onto the app or online and enter your score as soon as possible to be validated by your coach.

7. Do I have to do the judges course? No, you don’t, but it is highly recommended because you can learn a lot by completing the course.

8. What if I cannot do one of the WOD’s because I’m away? – You can do the WOD’s at any Crossfit gym in the country. Or you can forfeit that weekend’s WOD, you will not get a score, but it won’t be the end of the world and its still worth doing the other 2 workouts 🙂

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