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CrossFit Fun at ExAnimo

Why CrossFit Is Not What You Think

Think CrossFit is only for the ultra-fit aspiring to conquer gruelling competitions - thinking, ‘Is this really for me? Well, think again. Today, CrossFit is redefining fitness with its universal appeal, inviting people from all walks of life—from the bustling…

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Nutrition Made Simple

In a world flooded with information, where influencers and corporations often push their products and diets as the ultimate solutions, understanding nutrition can feel overwhelming. But you, as a reader, have the power to navigate through this. Whether it's debates…

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FAQ’s about the 2022 CrossFit Open

1. When can I do the workout - The workout gets released early Friday morning. We will do the workouts on Saturday morning, starting at 8.30 am after the 7:00 am class. 2. What if I cannot attend that time?…

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COVID-19 Fitness Procedures

01 October 2020 There is nothing more important to us than your safety so here are the precautionary measures we are putting in place:  Once you have booked for class (on BoxChamp - our booking system) which has been limited to…

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#EALockdownChallenge Handstand Push-ups

Are handstand push-ups your goat? If they are then you've come to the right place. Here's a series of progressions - created just for you. If you're already smashing out the handstand push-ups, why not just refresh your technique and…

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Here’s your 21 day lockdown challenge

#WatchItNow COVID-19 is no joke, but neither is your fitness, so... Here's our challenge to you! What's the one CrossFit movement you want to get better at? Is it the pistol squat? Is it a handstand push-up? Still need to…

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Will lifting weights increase endurance?

A common question that seems to be making its rounds at the moment is: should endurance athletes be lifting weights and incorporate strength training into their training schedule?  I mean, muscle is heavy and will just result in you carrying…

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#ExAnimoTurns4 and YOU can win

Well hello there ExAnimals We cannot believe how fast this year is flying. Just the other day the bell was ringing with all the PB’s in the open and now the CrossFit games are already done. August is a busy…

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Build Aerobic Endurance and Capacity

Ever wondered how to build your engine? How to increase your aerobic capacity so you can last longer in WOD's? Coach Kyle imparts some of his wisdom and learnings on just how to get that gas tank fuller! In November…

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