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Will lifting weights increase endurance?

A common question that seems to be making its rounds at the moment is: should endurance athletes be lifting weights and incorporate strength training into their training schedule?  I mean, muscle is heavy and will just result in you carrying…

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CrossFit Ex Animo Coaches Couch | Recovery

Coaches Couch Coaches couch are the ramblings of the CrossFit Ex Animo coaches. Some of the ramblings are based on regular queries from the box and members and some or just great pieces of information the coaches have picked and…

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November Mailer CrossFit Ex Animo

Its November already and the festive season is upon us, its been a year of great things for the gym and we look forward to making 2017 an even better place to train and improve your life 1 hour at…

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The beginning of a CrossFit Box.

This journey to where CrossFit Ex Animo is today has been a rather interesting learning curve. One which I would not have wanted to learn any other way. Opening a Crossfit Box in South Africa has been one of the…

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Coaches Couch: Programming

CrossFit Ex Animo: So we have been getting many questions about how our programming works and the methods behind the madness. I think some valid questions coming from our community that is growing from Parkhurst, Sandton and Craighall. I am…

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