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You’re two steps away from being an “Ex Animal”


When you’re a member of CrossFit Ex Animo you’re automatically inducted as an Ex Animal and you’re just two steps away from being able to call yourself one too.

You’re either a seasoned CrossFitter or you’ve been to our “how do I get started” page and attended one of our free beginner classes. All you need to do now is select the package you’d like to sign up for by clicking on it below. You’ll then need to fill in some personal details including your bank details for debit order purposes. You’ll be able to create your password as you’ll now have automatic membership access to BoxChamp, our awesome CrossFit member zone where you can book classes, track progress and more.

Please note, the amounts below are pro-rated for your FIRST debit order amount. This includes the remainder of the current month and then payment in advance for the following month. The regular monthly amount will then be deducted on your chosen debit order date in the following month. We don’t sign any fixed-term contracts, however, cancellation of your membership will require a calendar month’s notice.

See you soon!

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