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Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, RockTape Functional Movement techniques (FMT) Performance  and FMT Blades.

Level 1 coach and co-owner of CrossFit Ex Animo, Justin is one of the most well rounded fitness professionals in the business. Justin has been a personal trainer for over 7 years and has gained vast experience, from working with expecting moms to injured athletes, Justin is able to customise and build a functional fitness programme to work around any constraints or movement limitations. Got an injury?

Justin is also qualified by RockTape to “blade” which is a technique using a soft tissue tool to improve human movement recovery and performance. He’s also qualified to perform functional taping applications using RockTape kinesiology tape.

The good news is, these unique techniques are not just for treating sports injuries, but also for athletic performance enhancement.  If you want to know what Justin does in his spare time, he’s usually very busy making Ex Animo look sparkling and beautiful and, of course, he’s responsible for programming our wonderful Crossfit Workouts. Want to know more about our personal training sessions with Justin? Get in touch today

If you’re looking at making healthier choices, get in touch with Justin on 082 404 6016 or by completing the form below:

The Ex Animo box opened up next door to my place of employment and I thought CrossFit would be a great and fast way to lose my pregnancy weight and so myCrossFit journey began some 15 months ago. Joining Ex Animo has been the best decision I have ever made for me as a woman, wife and mother, I love every minute of myCrossFit sessions.

The coaches are the best and the box has an awesome bunch of members. One of the head coaches, Steven Murray, introduced me to the 45-day wellness diet. I have never been crazy about diets because the truth is I love foodJ but, I decided to give it a try because I really wanted to get my body into shape and do my first pull up ( you need to be light to pull yourself upJ). This diet is amazing, I lost 6.5 kgs and 11 cm around my waist in the 45 days. Steven is an amazing coach on this diet. He walked me through the diet every day and was extremely encouraging. The wellness diet was easy to follow and in expensive and only lasted 45 days. The 45 day was a short term realistic goal that I had to work towards. I have maintained my weight loss after the 45 days ended.

I am more conscious of what and how much I eat. The wellness diet is something I have incorporated into my lifestyle and my family’s life style.

A big thank you to Ex Animo and coach Steven for introducing me to an amazing sport and heathy lifestyle.


I’ve been using Justin as my coach since February this year (2016). I’ve worked with a number of personal trainers and Justin is by far the best. Justin’s workouts are fun and varied and I’ve made some major improvements in both my fitness and overall strength. I have been struggling to run the Comrades Marathon for a number of years. However, due to injuries I wasn’t able to achieve my life goal. Upon meeting me Justin designed a specific program tailored for me to achieve my goals. Through hard work and Justin’s dedication I was able to not only compete but complete the 2016 Comrades marathon. Justin is passionate and dedicated about personal training. He keeps track of your performance and always has a plan.


I’ve been using Justin as my coach since November 2015. After I tore my plantar fasciitis in March 2015 I tried numerous treatments and rehab exercises to get back to running injury free and nothing helped. It was only once I started training with Justin to strengthen various muscles that I have been back on track and can run injury free. Justin’s workouts are fun and varied to ensure that in one week you get a great mix of cardio and muscle toning. I’ve made some major improvements in both my fitness and overall strength since November 2015.

Justin continuously works with me to design a specific program tailored for me based on my goals at a specific point and time, for example: when I needed to get into better shape for me wedding in May 2016 and when I needed to strengthen muscles to avoid further running injuries. Justin is passionate and dedicated about personal training which keeps me motivated. Justin also always puts the client first and is accommodating when it comes to a busy schedule and work commitments. Justin is also extremely knowledgeable on health and the correct foods to eat and has shared some great healthy recipes with me. Justin is also good at ensuring we protect our bodies from injury with regular stretching. A brilliant service offering all round and great value for money.


I have been training with Justin for about 6 months, and have seen huge strides in my fitness, strength and motivation levels. I am stronger and fitter than I have been for very many years, and Justin must take all the credit. Justin obviously has the technical skill and qualifications to ensure that each person reaps the precise rewards they are striving for, but he also has the ability to motivate you to reach for, and achieve your personal bests. Justin’s diverse training methods, combined with his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm has been just what I needed. I highly recommend Justin for any personal training you may need. It is also a lot cheaper than a therapist!


My ambition is to keep fit, well and strong.

Cross Fit sounds a lot like a typical gym but it is different. It is more about setting your own personal goals and pushing yourself than having someone else set them for you.

I have found working at Ex Animo fun and enjoyable, helping me to try new things, and learning on the way.

Having Justin as my personal trainer is great.

I am disabled, so working with me is challenging for a trainer, and I'm happy that he decided to work with me, and even came up with new ideas and exercises that work specifically for me. He also modified some of the equipment so it is more suitable for me.

Justin is patient, relaxed and observant. He pushes me to go forward and accomplish more each session. If something doesn't work, he helps me to tweak the exercise or the equipment to get the right result.

I've been going to Ex Animo and working with Justin for about six months, and have noticed that my physical condition has improved. My strength is better, I am able to stretch more easily and range of movement has improved.

Pushing my body and breaking a sweat twice a week is invigorating and makes me feel better overall.
I also feel more confident, knowing that I am accomplishing more with my body.

Allan Davison

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