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We're open 6 days a week

We have an array of different class times available daily. Select a date below to view the CrossFit classes scheduled for that day.

Please note due to COVID-19 and frequent changes in lockdown alert levels, the schedule below is subject to change. 


Beginner CrossFit: These classes are for people wanting to try out CrossFit for the first time as well as those who have just started. If you are just starting, you first class is free. If you are in your first few months of CrossFit you can attend this class as well as others on the schedule.

Olympic Weightlifting: This class is an hour long and focuses on improving your weightlifting technique. Lifting is very technical but hugely rewarding when you get it right. This class is highly recommended for all levels of clients, and is a great way for beginner and intermediate clients to come to grips with lifting which will assist in their CrossFit classes. Maximum of 8 people per class.

CrossFit: Classes are one hour long and involve a combination of metabolic conditioning (cardio), weight lifting and gymnastics. They are very structured but the exercises vary every day. These classes are limited to *20 people per class.

*Class numbers subject to change due to COVID-19 regulations

Endurance CrossFit: This is a competition readiness class. Designed to push athletes a little further than they would ordinarily go. These sessions are programmed separately from other classes and not coached but rather facilitated.  These classes usually make use of the machine equipment (rowers, bikes, and ski-erg) and are an opportunity to train with the coaches.

Open Gym:  Come and do your own thing. This is your time. Work on your weaknesses or just train when it’s less busy. It’s completely up to you

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