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Matt started CrossFit 3 and a half years ago and has been hooked from day one.

Having done mixed martial arts for a few years Matt found himself needing to find a new fitness methodology to move away from the sport due to multiple injuries while still maintaining a high level of volume and intensity in my training.

It was during this search that one of his buddies ‘introduced’ him to Murph. Matt always considered himself fit and being ex-military he thought he was going to crush the work out even with the added body armour.

This was not the case, and despite the extreme suffering, he found the intensity he was looking for in CrossFit. As he spent more time at “the box” his love for the science of strength, fitness and mental toughness grew exponentially. Within a year he found himself voraciously reading every article and book he could to help understand how to increase not only his own performance but that of any person that had the patience to listen.

That passion has not faltered, it has only grown, and right now Matt is coming to the end of his sports psychology diploma while also working his way through the year-long OPEX CCP coaching program.

Matt is fascinated by the science behind human performance especially the skill of Olympic weightlifting and he really enjoys sharing his newfound knowledge to help people improve their all-round athletic performance while also staying healthy and pain free.

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