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My ambition is to keep fit, well and strong.

Cross Fit sounds a lot like a typical gym but it is different. It is more about setting your own personal goals and pushing yourself than having someone else set them for you.

I have found working at Ex Animo fun and enjoyable, helping me to try new things, and learning on the way.

Having Justin as my personal trainer is great.

I am disabled, so working with me is challenging for a trainer, and I’m happy that he decided to work with me, and even came up with new ideas and exercises that work specifically for me. He also modified some of the equipment so it is more suitable for me.

Justin is patient, relaxed and observant. He pushes me to go forward and accomplish more each session. If something doesn’t work, he helps me to tweak the exercise or the equipment to get the right result.

I’ve been going to Ex Animo and working with Justin for about six months, and have noticed that my physical condition has improved. My strength is better, I am able to stretch more easily and range of movement has improved.

Pushing my body and breaking a sweat twice a week is invigorating and makes me feel better overall.
I also feel more confident, knowing that I am accomplishing more with my body.

Allan Davison

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